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Barbara has more than 25 years of experience as a Business Psychologist in various branches. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs create valuable profits. How you are charged as a person, your vision and how you run your company are inextricably linked. She combines a deep personal interest in visionary founders with a business acumen. Thanks to her integrated approach, she quickly puts entrepreneurs on track and knows how to get companies and teams out of the ‘wild water’ by offering them a future proof grip on their vision and growth prospects. 


Barbara clients are not in a specific branch or industry, they are specific archetypes. Visionary minds, bold, brave and smart. They are modest when needed but most importantly they all carry a passionate & warm heart. All of her clients want to be part of a bigger picture instead of just making money. She guided millionaires as well as solo entrepreneurs, individual founders, members of the boards, teams and international communities. Read more about the experiences of her clients here, or if you want to explore what Grip door Visie can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact her.

 'Vision will charge You, your Team and your Business!'  


'Visionary companies are able to withstand far-reaching external factors significantly longer than other companies, and are much better assured of a strong result!

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