Track I: How are you charged as a person and founder

In this track we take a dive under the surface to find the treasure you seek: your unique ability.  It often takes an inner journey to discover the most significant details of your bigger picture.

Two highly structured and proven psychodynamic and language methods are used to walk this journey together (see for method 1 the deck below). With the second method we enter the gateway to your generational inheritance based on the groundbreaking approach to transforming traumatic legacies passed down in families over generations by Mark Wolynn.

Both methods provoke you to untangle your most important conflict and thus your most important source as a person and leader in the how you will built and run your business and relations to last.

Now You Are In Charge

The least understood factor that determines the biggest part of the success of your business is your personality as an entrepreneur. It is often the modest though very successful entrepreneurs who have unraveled the conflict within themselves. After all, they are without exception the are decisive for initiating and facilitating success.

The Charge Deck:


“Barbara taught me to look at my deep energy sources and made the link to the foundation of my business. Her coaching and organizational advice takes you from self-knowledge to self-actualization. Her style is a combination of deep interest and intelligent acuity. I wish everyone a mentor who can deliver like that. I personally know only one who can.”

MSc. Job Boersma: Author of various books in the field of micro-emotional expressions and leadership, coach & public speaker