Track II: Validate Your Unique Business Model

Visionary businesses exist for a mission, beyond just making money. They are different from the mediocres because they focus on creating a valuable profit. Research shows that visionary businesses stand the test of time 50% better than the mediocres. 

Why? Because they are built on a deeply rooted core ánd have the talent to constantly renew themselves from within. 

Although they differ in size and result, they all share the same “secret”; the ability to manage continuity & change at the same time. 

It’s not about being a social visionary, it’s about building a business with an enduring social mission. Instead of being a time teller you are being the clock- builder. 

Nobody can reliably predict how their future will unfold, certainly not in tomorrow’s marketplace. So it’s much better to first understand who you are than where you are going. 

These days more and more visionaries dare to take the leap of faith to make the inner journey. This journey provides them the space to now create a clear perspective to craft their field of impact. And that all starts with a Visionairy Business Model. Because there is no Visionary business if there is no Visionary Plan.

Visionary Business Model

Visionary Business plan Grip by Vision

Sophie Wadsworth (Founer Wadsworth Consulting (Boston)‘I greatly enjoyed our journey and had many insights! I have constantly looked forward to the online questions & exercises; they are so thought provoking!

Her listening, her questions, and her presence are such gifts. It’s impressive how well she knows the entrepreneurial journey and I appreciated how she is always holding the space. She was also a wise and capable guide in how to expand my practice in the years to come. It’s a privilege to work with her, I’m gratefull I did.

Sophie Wadsworth (Founer Wadsworth Consulting (Boston)

Track III: Manage Your Business Operation

A Vision (your destination in the near future) only takes its value when it’s brought to life in an accountable way, the rest is without a doubt: waste.

It’s not a walk in the park to craft a tempting inspiring vision for the nearby future, let alone align it with measurable goals, synchronized strategies and measurable daily activities. 

That’s why most founders don’t have a real plan (actually only 10% of the founders world wide even have a vision). 

Of all the information that is wandering around in the founder’s mind, 65% will be lost by the time it reaches the floor where the experts work.The waste of valuable resources like passionate energy of people, precious time, significant information and as a result money only in the Netherland is estimated at 155 billion euros a year.

Think about that for a second what this means for creating valuable profit for your business. It’s not just about making a value model for your impact goods or services, it’s much more about the creation of your business, a highly attractive breeding ground. 

Waste is only reduced by taking accountability for the vision,. It’s all about sharp choices and constant ownership, while feeling inspired to undertake the journey.  A plan is nothing without an igniting execution. 

Visionary Framework

Visionary Framework Grip By Vision

Billy Fedorko President Admiral Distributions‘I did bone digging work with Barbara on many different levels, because I long for forward movement in life. It opened up a whole new level that stretched me in many different ways, as a person and leader. In short: she did so well with me! I wouldn’t have figured this out on my own or had made such big business decisions if I hadn’t done these sessions.’

Billy Fedorko: President Admiral Distributions (Greater Houston Area) 

The work and words of Grip by Vision are inspired by the work of Jim Collins and Jerry Porras