There was no other way 

Coming from an entrepreneurial background, I sat as long as I can remember ‘front row’ watching how running and growing a successful business can deeply impact its founders and every one involved. I later discovered that it was not only my family, entrepreneurship was ‘charged’ in my generational blueprint. 

My family members coming home feeling exhausted, anxious or even laying awake at night was not uncommon. The message we grew  up with was clear: make sure you survive, try not to complain, work hard, always help others and keep going, eye on the ball. 

And it made sense; they were either born or in the blossom of their lives during World War 2. 

Change the Course

I suppose you could say it’s part of my DNA  to come up with an integrated answer for founders to experience peace of mind and a grip so they can focus on igniting others to grow to their best version of themselves. They want to create a business in which they and others feel like they are glowing instead of feeling drained. 

I went on the lookout for answers and got my Bachelors degree in Social Studies, followed by my Masters in Business Psychology.

In the meanwhile I gained so much valuabel experiences in committing myself to work in a lot of ‘different kitchens’. I learned in the basements as well as in the boardroom all there is to know about leadership and business operations in corporate, non profit, governmental and social enterprise surroundings. 

Starting out working with the most vulnerable kids in crisis up to maximum security prisoners and psychopaths I moved on working as a consultant for CEO’s and Management Teams in corporate businesses.

After I became a mom of 2 girls, I looked for an inspiring job close to home.  In the following 5 years I worked as a program leader ‘crisis information management’ during major disasters and big events in nr 1 crisis region in Holland.

Taking ’the leap of faith’, I changed my job when I was 40 years old and became COO of an international social Enterprise in Amsterdam and Afrika.

What struck me most in what I had witnessed over the past 20 years was the enormous waste of the amazing human capital, time, information and money. As if the heating is on full blast with the window wide open. I fully understood why founders and people felt drained, but even more so, I knew how they felt coming home. 

At that point I knew I had earned my spurs building many great track records in the companies I worked with. I felt deep gratitude knowing they provided me the answers I was looking for all this time. That momentum ignited me to start my own business in 2016. 

It’s the blend that makes the taste

My biggest take away was that most companies were mostly focused either on revenue (the commercial settings) or disproportionate control of the process (the non profit).

I didn’t actually see one of them focusing on a profitable purpose or valuable profit in all those years. It made me even more hungry to get to the bottom of it. 

By reading all I could find about the mind and soul of people and founders, and how to run a Great Business I learned a lot over the years, and still do. The most paramount factor for me is betting on both: aligning the unique ability of the founder with the creation of an effective business operation. So founders can focus on igniting the ones that will one day succeed them. 

How? By making sure the mission in life they wanted to execute is fully fueled and aligned with their amazing and tangible vision in the near future.

And that’s how it’s unfolding ever since…

What do my clients want? 

The bottom line is that my clients naturally want to tap into ‘that field’ where they feel genuinely valuable as a person and leader and at the same time have telescopic focus on the ball.

They don’t want to feel insecure or worried, being constantly distracted by all the ‘noise and chatter’, keep cleaning ‘what falls off the wagon’. They want to feel at ease and have a grip on their operation, so they can focus on helping others grow to their full potential, while they come home fulfilled to their loved ones. Maybe even take a step back from the business when ready, and start a new chapter in life. 

How do I meet their needs?

We make sure they feel valuable and in control again by discovering their bigger picture, which has manifested in all the details. In order to see their bigger picture they need to face their inner conflicts. As long as they don’t operate at their full potential, their business won’t either, impacting all people involved. 

Once they are ready to take off their ‘mask’, protecting them from suppressed emotions, they become more capable to leave their ‘ego at the door’.

This is the moment to step it up and take real accountability by crafting a businessplan like a true visionair would do. Now they own their ‘main ingredient’ to fuel the business operation that will run like a flywheel, under its own power.

How is that even possible? Because it’s fully charged by the core of its founder and the team.  

The return? 

  • Emotional or mental health issues have decreased significantly
  • The business fundament is built on vision, spirit and accountability 
  • Their clear perspective activates the proces of growing together 
  • The visionary framework makes everyone involved a dedicated owner of its own expertise
  • The founder and his team have the field they can tap in at any given time, even improvise now they are well prepared. 
  • The revenue will go up while sickness absence and turnover will decrease
  • The attraction rate to work or buy will rise, since a visionary business is recognized in every detail

Because I keep my eye on the soul of the founder and the ball (the business operation), I cover the whole bigger picture. Every little detail is fueled by the founders unique ability and core vision.

That’s what defines my value for my clients and how I can assure them the return of their (intangible) investement. 

Sometimes it’s more than money can buy. 

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Hold your core while stimulating progress

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