I Align the Founders Unique Ability With A Vision Driven Business Operation  

As a Psychologist (MSc), I love to deeply understand the personalities of visionary founders, while challenging them to build a responsible and accountable future-proof company. When unique ability and an igniting ambition align within an accountable framework: the sky’s the limit. 

The combination of both is the best kept secret of visionary entrepreneurship.

Raised in a busy entrepreneurial family, I felt surrounded by creative and passionate people who always wanted to go ‘the extra mile’. My family’s business was successful in a way, but at the same time the founders were often drained when finally coming home after long hours. 

Running a business like that can have a major impact on everyone involved. As a young child I was “charged” living the entrepreneurial journey of my family, sitting in the front row. 

I was determined to find some answers to make sure visionary founders come home inspired! They are the ones that have the unique ability to make a great impact in the world. They are responsible for guiding our future leaders.

Above all we need to protect their legacy. That drive made me the guide who I am today.

Many visionary founders have great ideas, but without facing their own inner journey and the knowledge of building your back-end operation, the idea that once empowered them, can become their biggest burden.

They can become overwhelmed. That feeling can turn the most motivated founders into untouchable leaders, even more when they outsource their inner conflicts to their company, and eventually to their loved ones. They start to create waste instead of impact. 

My vision is to reduce the entrepreneurial footprint of visionary founders by ensuring they face and/or resolve their inner conflicts, take accountability for an igniting vision and run their business operation smoothly.

I do so by ‘lifting up’ their unique ability again, often covered under the surface. Together we create a very tempting but future proof vision and implement the flywheel that will carry this vision, driven by its own power.

My Vision: The Program: Build Your Business From The Inside Out will be introduced and implemented in several businesses and programs in 5 different countries by the end of 2025. As a business and clinical psychologist, I now mentor visionaries from all over the world, aligning their unique vision with creating a proven effective business operation. Currently I have worked with founders coming from different countries in Europe and the USA. 

My unique ability: I invest in the ‘mind and emotions’ of the founder, while being razor sharp on the business operation. As a strong observer I tend to see matters that are usually ignored, as a listener I am very patient and very honest.

Above all, I am driven and tenacious. I do not settle for half work and won’t leave until the alignment between vision and daily operation feels like breathing.

I’m honored that so many visionary founders asked me to guide them in the past 25 years. They are my true experience and they still enrich me every day.

Hold your core while stimulating progress

Collins & Porras